Need This COVID-19 Treatment Right Now

On Monday we learnt from Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser that Coronavirus will possibly by no means disappear and a vaccine won’t prevent it completely. He also said that ministers and professionals should forestall ‘over-promising’ and be realistic about the possibilities of a vaccine and the possibly timeline of 1, not likely earlier than spring next 12 months.

He then echoed his earlier warnings and those of his colleague Professor Chris Whitty that the COVID-19 combat can be an extended one, and it will be with us for exact.

So, from this need to we assume there’s no ‘silver bullet’ for COVID-19 infections?

What if there have been a single treatment that:

ought to stop the contamination in its tracks,
turned into anti inflammatory; controlling the immune device’s reaction to the infection and stopping it from overreacting dangerously,
in instances where patients evolved secondary bacterial infections inside the lungs could supercharge antibiotics; boosting their efficacy and eve,
turned into a repurposed drug; already tested as safe
was clean to make, scalable at the level required to make a difference inside the pandemic and turned into price effective, then would not that be some thing we have to all be getting enthusiastic about?
Surely though no such ‘silver bullet’ recreation changing remedy exists? After all, the simplest treatments we pay attention approximately for COVID are those which President Trump took, which had been either very new, high-priced and experimental or have a totally narrow software to a specific component of the ailment.
Well, you heard it here first – one of these ‘silver bullet’ treatment does exist today. It’s known as Nylexa®, from the small UK biotech enterprise NovaBiotics Ltd. It’s energetic ingredients were accurately utilized in drug treatments that treat unrelated situations for over 30 years.

NovaBiotics determined Nylexa’s capability blessings in COVID-19 following a decade of studies in hard to treat, drug-resistant infections, which includes the complicated chest infections and irritation related to cystic fibrosis (CF) lung ailment. In March they implemented for a £1m provide from Innovate UK (representing the authorities) to start scientific research. That grant become eventually offered in advance this month, and the authorities are now thinking about whether or not or no longer to consist of Nylexa on separate NHS platform studies.

But why, I listen you ask, if that is so proper have we not heard about it before? Why are the government and the click not shouting approximately this from the rooftops? Why is that this no longer being demanded by means of clinicians desperate for effective treatments for their patients?

I’m afraid to mention, it all boils all the way down to money. Small biotech agencies find it difficult to get interest as they do not have the resources available to their larger better funded opponents. The names we study about frequently in relation to ground breaking new remedies are continuously large multi-country wide pharmaceutical agencies with deep pockets and huge budgets to sell their own precise wares. They ensure their drugs get the desired interest. NovaBiotics is a small personal agency funded with the aid of a set of dependable and supportive shareholders so regrettably do not have the resources to compete for attention with the big boys.